About us

The aim of SPAA is to carry out all kinds of scientific activities related to sports science and performance analysis in particular.

The Sports Performance Analysis Association was created in 2018 and seeks to join forces in one of research's lines in which Spanish researchers are international references.

We also want to bring this scientific knowledge to the applied field in general and to sports federations, clubs, coaches, athletes and companies and other types of entities in particular.

We work on sports performance analysis, also called scouting and notational analysis, and its application to different sports fields: sports teaching, sports initiation, high sports performance, sports management, new technologies, etc.

Currently the association has members of more than ten research groups, and twenty universities. We are very interested in knowing your ideas, work proposals, lines of collaboration. We are now collaborating with federations, associations, athletes, universities, institutions, etc.

If you want to collaborate with us, contact by email, Facebook or Twitter. We will talk and find the best way.