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SHAKREP "Shakespearean Performances in Spain"

The database SHAKREP includes information on productions performed in different languages in Spain from 1772 to the present and includes productions by visiting troupes in the period covered.

In compiling the list of productions, theatres, companies, reviews, etc., we have made every effort to verify all of the information included, using existing repertoires and a range of other sources. We are, however, aware that not all of these sources are reliable or complete, that there is still a lot of work to do in the way of updating and correcting existing data and of adding information about new productions or productions which may have escaped our attention. Users of the database are therefore cordially invited to use the suggestions box in order to rectify any mistakes we have made or to notify us of performances which have eluded us. Meanwhile, any comments they may have on this or any aspects of the site will be gratefully received and, where possible, responded to.

© Elena Bandín
© Laura Campillo
© Juan Francisco Cerdá
© Keith Gregor
© Jesús Tronch
© Noemí Vera

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