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Online Publications

Ángel-Luis Pujante & Juan F. Cerdá (eds.), Shakespeare en España. Bibliografía anotada bilingüe

Próximamente en edición digital (Digital publication forthcoming)

This annotated bibliography brings together more than six hundred summaries, both in Spanish and English, of writings on Shakespeare published in Spain or by Spaniards between 1764 and 2000. These writings represent a wide selection of the almost thousand entries collected in a general unannotated bibliography, which is included in the appendix. In both formats the selection does not limit itself to critical or academic studies in the narrowest sense: we have been open to notes, remarks and commentaries of varied nature and length written by journalists, actors, politicians or private persons, since they reveal particular tastes and attitudes, allow for a more comprehensive appraisal of Shakespeare's image in Spain and contribute decisively to learning about the dissemination and reception of his work in our country and beyond our borders.

The summaries are presented in chronological order, which enables the reader to follow the development of Shakespeare's presence in Spain from the eighteenth century, both in general and in specific years. This volume contributes to documenting Shakespeare's presence in Spain in the set period, and its bilingual publication opens up this body of knowledge to the international community.

Available at:

Libro Shakespeare

Shakespeare en España. Textos 1764-1916.


Ángel-Luis Pujante y Laura Campillo (eds.), Shakespeare en España. Textos 1764-1916. Introducción y notas de Ángel-Luis Pujante. Granada y Murcia: Universidad de Granada y Universidad de Murcia, 2007. 519 págs.


Shakespeare in Spain: Current Research Trends


Clara Calvo, "Shakespeare in Spain: Current Research Trends"Literature Compass, 6/4 (2009): 942-956.

Revista 1611

Shakespeare's Sonnets in Spanish: Rescuing the Early Verse Translations


Ángel-Luis Pujante, "Shakespeare's Sonnets in Spanish: Rescuing the Early Verse Translations"1611: Revista de Historia de la traducción, 3 (2009).

Borrowers and Lenders

Filming The Taming of the Shrew in Franco's Dictatorship: La fierecilla domada


Juan F. Cerdá, "Filming The Taming of the Shrew in Franco's Dictatorship: La fierecilla domada", 6.1 (2011).