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The aim of this website is to inform on the ongoing results of our project Shakespeare in Spain within the framework of his European reception (Research Projects. Ministry of Education and Science. National Programme I+D+I and FEDER. PB98-0398 [2000-2002], BFF-2002-02019 [2003-2005], HUM-2005-02556/FILO [2006-2008] and FFI-2008-01969/FILO [2009-2011]).

Since our general objective is to contribute to the knowledge and the study of the reception of Shakespeare in Spain since the 18th century on both the Spanish and European fronts, this site will present materials relating to the criticism, translations and performances through which this reception has taken place.

At the same time, it will offer information about other internet sites devoted to Shakespeare, particularly those dealing with Shakespeare in Europe.