Seminars at 2011 – Shakespeare’s Shipwrecks (Weimar)

Shakespeare’s (Un)fortunate Travellers: Maritime Adventures across the Genres
Convenors: Christina Wald (University of Augsburg, Germany) and Felix Sprang (University of Hamburg, Germany).

The Aesthetics and Politics of Shakespeare (Re)Translation
Convenors: Tom Cheesman (Swansea University, Wales) and Matthias Zach (University of Nantes, France).

Media Shakespeare: Appropriation Reconsidered
Convenors: Maurizio Calbi (University of Salerno, Italy) and Douglas M. Lanier (University of New Hampshire, US).

'Happy wrecks'? Staging Storms and Tempests in Shakespeare’s Comedies
Convenors: Boika Sokolova (University of Notre Dame (USA) in England, UK) and Nicoleta Cinpoes (University of Worcester, UK).

Sea-Change Across the Intercultural Divide: Shakespearean Performance and Debates
Convenors: Alexander Huang (Pennsylvania State University, US) and Isabelle Schwartz-Gastine (University of Caen, France).

Marooned Texts, Shipwrecked Performances: Shakespeare and Censorship
Convenors: Veronika Schandl (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary) and Nataliya Torkut (Zaporizhzhya State University, Ukraine).