Over the last two decades, much research has been devoted to Shakespeare and European Culture. To keep a record of the work done and to facilitate further study within the context of the European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA), we are happy to announce the launch of a new research tool:

Editors: Ton Hoenselaars and Dirk Delabastita

This annotated bibliography of publications devoted to Shakespeare in European Culture is an ongoing project to which you are welcome to contribute.

Please send us brief abstracts of the articles and books listed that have not yet been annotated.

Please send us titles of relevant new or older publications, duly annotated.

Contributors will be identified (in the List of Contributors that heads the Bibliography, and by means of their initials at the end of each annotation contributed).

To consult the Bibliography, as well as the Guidelines for contributors, see:

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We much look forward to receiving your contributions to the Bibliography.

Ton Hoenselaars (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Dirk Delabastita (University of Namur, Belgium)