University of Murcia Spain

4, 5, 6 May 2005




The University of Murcia was established in 1914. It is the oldest Higher Education institution in the South-East of Spain and it consists of two campuses, Espinardo and La Merced. The conference will take place on the second of these two campuses, partly based in the remains of an old Franciscan convent that include a 16th century cloister. The La Merced campus is situated in the very heart of the city centre. The town of Murcia itself is an attractive venue. Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture compete with its modern face-lift a few yards from each other. Its cathedral has one of the most impressive baroque fašades in European art. The girdle of blue mountains, much praised by medieval Muslim poets, that encircles the town and the proximity of the sea add to its attractions.

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We are looking forward to meeting you all in Murcia.

The organising committee