Rep-Biotech is unique in the sense that has been designed to gather all the reproductive aspects of mammalian species in one only programme, and aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • 1

    To identify target molecules, culture conditions or modifications of the culture media used in ARTs with potential beneficial roles in the establishment of the correct epigenetic marks during early embryo development both in humans and animals thus contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases derived from altered epigenomes.

  • 2

    To improve the quality and quantity of animal derived products in Europe through the development of new strategies (as described in objective 1) in ARTs, mainly the in vitro production of healthier embryos leading to healthier livestock offspring for human consumption.

  • 3

    To provide tools for improved reproductive efficiency in human populations, according to diverse demographic goals and strategies.

  • 4

    To contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Europe by the improvement of ARTs and by increasing knowledge of, and environmental stressors affecting, the fertility of domestic and wild species.

  • 5

    To enhance the transfer to society of the beneficial factors identified in the previous objectives by training qualified professionals (PhD awarded) with the knowledge and entrepreneurial capacity to create innovative companies (e.g. spin-off or start-up).

  • 6

    To develop an efficient strategy for the dissemination of achievements and for creating awareness among the general public of their implications for citizens and society.

  • Science
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