Sesión “Trabajo, salarios…” XVI Congreso de Historia Agraria-SEHA

S120: Trabajo, salarios, presupuestos familiares y género en el mundo rural contemporáneo

Organizador de la sesión: Luisa Muñ

II Congreso Internacional/XVI Congreso de Historia Agraria-SEHA
Santiago de Compostela, 20 – 23 de junio de 2018

Hasta el 30 de septiembre se pueden enviar propuestas de comunicación (queda poco tiempo).

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Resumen de la sesión
The literature on wages and family budgets in contemporary rural Europe and abroad has not yet analyzed real wages taking into account wages of men, women and children in the long term. Little is known of the wage differential between men and women, and less of the contribution that female wage made to family income either in money or in time (Verdon, 2002). For instance, wages series available in Spanish agriculture rarely include women, thus we can not participate in the international debate on the role of women’s wages in economic growth or in the transformation of demographic behavior (Humphries and Weisdorf, 2015).

We consider that new series should be built that integrate women’s wages, given the fact that historical activity rates of women were high, both in urban and rural economies. Furthermore, family budgets are an optimal way of identifying inequality and poverty trends in the long run and they let us see how families respondedto the economic environment (Horrell and Humphries, 1992; Vecchi, 2016).

In this panel we invite all those researchers who are working in the construction of wages series and family budgets that include the contribution of female and/or children whether regional, national or international to present their papers proposals with the objective of sharing ideas, work methodologies and results that give more light to the evolution of living standards from a historical perspective.

Para los posibles comunicantes indicar que queda menos de una semana para el final del Call for Papers(30 de septiembre) y por eso se pediría presentar las propuestas de comunicación (título y abstract como máximo de 200 palabras) antes de la fecha en el  formulario online disponible en siguiente link

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