In this first moment we are going to start working in the creation of the data collection instrument that is probably one of the most crucial part of this research.

We have started with a videoconference meeting (unfortunately we don’t have enough fundings for face to face meetings). On this first  meeting we have meet each other and have connected the different partners in Spain.

After the general issues about organization, we have  started the task 1. On this task we are going to explore what kind of information we have to include in the instrument and what is the best option to collect it. The main goal is to know how the future professionals organize and structure their PLEs, not only in terms of technology, but in terms of cognition and motivation strategies in relation with the tools they use.

Our intention is to get as much information as possible, encouraging the researchers to include different perspectives based on our different readings, and our participation on a wide variety of projects.

We are on the road!

Phase 1. Task 1
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One thought on “Phase 1. Task 1

  • Monday November 6th, 2017 at 08:03 PM

    Buenas tardes,

    ¿Existe un instrumento para la recogida de datos referente al análisis de los PLE?


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