Although with some delay -due to the necessary extension of the period of collection of the sample that you already know- it is time to start with the analysis. Nevertheless, as it was mentioned in a previous post, the challenge now is being able to aim this analysis correctly.
In this phase of work, the data is divided considering the four categories of the model developed in Phase 1, and with those data -only the basics- each working group will prepare a first executive project report -just for internal use.
With this report we -all the researchers of the projects- will meet in three parallel meetings, so that they do not only the first approach to a general view that the data provided to us, but to do brainstorming about emergent methodological, theoretical and even potential research approaches to the data.
It is a hard work, but we have a strong team, so hopefully it will be ready and that meetings can be made in June.
Let’s continue.

Preliminary analysis paralel meetings

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