Currently in CAPPLE  project we continue in the process of building the instruments for  collecting data. In the mean while, we are also starting with the pre-test process, and in this, we have just started the cognitive interviewing mechanism.

As Dillman  remarks, “cognitive interviewing has been developed  determining whether respondents comprehend questions as by the survey sponsor, and whether questions can be answered accurately(Forsyth and Lessler, 1991)” (2007 pp 143). It is a very simple technique that can give us lot of information to guarantee that people is going to answer regarding the information we want to explore. Additionally, it is a good time for starting with it, taking into account we already have the first draft of the instrument and we have some margin for doing changes.

So, in the CAPPLE project we have chosen the crucial items in the questionnaire (the base of this kind of interviews), and have started the process.

If you have more interest in the technique and procedures related to Cognitive Interviewing here you have a pair of references for review:

Dillman, Don. (2007). Mail and Internet Surveys The Tailored Design Method Second Edition 2007 Update with New Internet, Visual, and Mixed-Mode Guide. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. pp 94-135

Castillo, Miguel. (2009). Utilidad de los métodos pretest  para la evaluación de los cuestionarios en la investigación mediante encuesta. Tesis Doctoral. Universidad de Granada.

There are many more, but this is actually a good start point.

Interviews to evaluate Cognitive and Motivational Qualities

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