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Project for the dissemination of modern greek learning and teaching materials

(Lifelong Learning Programme. KA 4. Dissemination and Exploitation of Results. Project number: 135779-LLP-2007-ES-KA4MP)

Odysseus? What is it about?

Since 2003 our consortium has been working in the development of modern Greek didactics. It includes institutions from Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania, all specializing in teaching modern Greek as a foreign language. As a result from this collaboration, we have designed innovative didactic materials (multimedia CDs and textbooks), which have been elaborated with funding from the European Commission.

Odysseus intends to make these materials easily accessible, in order to promote the teaching of modern Greek and to spread the language and culture of present Greece within the multilingual and multicultural European environment.

Our Learning/Teaching Materials

  • General Greek:
    • Travel to Greece III (Socrates project, level C1-C2)
  • Greek for Specific Purposes
    • Business Greek (Leonardo project, level B1- B2)
    • Scientific Greek (Leonardo project, level B1- B2)

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Dissemination of the Materials resulting from the previous european projects Leonardo and Lingua.
  • Improvement of the learning resources at the institutions involved in teaching Greek.
  • Achieve a higher number of trained teachers in Greek.
  • Promote Greek in secondary, vocational and higher education institutions and in non-formal education.
  • Promote the Greek language and culture.

Our Target Groups

  • Higher education and Vocational Training Students.
  • Immigrants in Greece.Professionals working with Greek companies or wishing to develop a professional career in Greece.
  • Modern Greek language teachers.
  • In more general terms, all those interested in learning the Greek language, whose history is among the longest and richest in Europe.

Our Activities

  • Copy and free distribution of our multimedia CDs among European institutions devoted to modern Greek learning.
  • Design of a Odysseus website offering a free access to the didactic materials and information about modern Greek studies in Europe.
  • Dissemination and informative activities among the related institutions and associations.
  • Modern Greek language courses (Greek as Foreign Language and Greek for Specific Purposes)
  • Seminars and cultural Workshops related to modern Greek Language and Culture

University of Murcia. Department of Classical Philology / International Relations Office