Mucor circinelloides

Universidad de Murcia
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foto Carlos Pérez Arques

Carlos Pérez Arques

PhD Student
Upon this great variety of alternative but extremely specific degrees related to life sciences, I decided to study a Bachelor's degree in Biology to get a broad and multidisciplinary education. After a few elemental courses I made up my mind about studying molecular genetics, applying as an undergraduate student in the Fungal Genomics and Molecular Biotechnology research group. During two years I assisted at the research related to Mucor light responses, specifically analyzing crgA (carotenogenesis regulatory gene A) function as a ubiquitin ligase and its evolution throughout the eukaryotic lineage. While doing so I became familiar with the biology of this order of basal filamentous fungi, learning culture techniques and basic molecular tools required for its study.

After this period I began my Master's thesis in connection with a research project about Mucor's pathogenesis, which is a causal agent for an infectious disease known as mucormycosis. My research attempted to link gene silencing via RNA, a fascinating mechanism which among other functions controls gene expression in the fungus, with regulating virulence factors and thus pathogenesis. This work taught me RNA manipulation and detection techniques with which to study gene expression, hence allowing me to embark on a PhD thesis to analyze Mucor gene silencing mechanism role in essential biological processes, such as vegetative development, sexual interaction and pathogenesis.
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