ERASMUS+ KA2 project n. 2016-1-ES01-KA203-025001 // Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Project Outcomes

Objective 1

Proposing a European standard (and recommendations) of measures and reasonable accommodations at academic level for mobility students with disabilities.
Final outcome:

Study 1 – Review of the European national laws about disabilities in the EHEA

Study 2 – Survey of Support Measures for Students with Disabilities and/or Learning Disorders at European Universities (still open!)

Thirty-one universities from seven countries have participated in the survey so far. Although the survey is still open, this is the sample used for further analyses. They fulfilled a detailed questionnaire about the services and measures supporting students with special needs.

As it can be seen in the following table, the most of participating universities are public (i.e., funded by governments). There are very small and big universities considering the number of students (from 481 to 87000), and the mean size is over 24000 students. On average, participating universities host 1,3% of student with disabilities. Finally, all except one have participated in an Erasmus+ programme in the last five years.

Survey sample table
Survey sample


Objective 2

Develop an online and multilingual platform that house a catalog of universities meeting the standard, and some communication tools between attention-to-diversity services for a more personalized monitoring of mobility students

Final outcome:

Partial outcomes:

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