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The Meta-analysis Unit aims to offer advice to researchers interested in carrying out meta-analytic reviews about the effectiveness of psychological, educational, criminological, and social interventions on psychological, psychosocial, educational, and health problems. The Meta-analysis Unit provides the following functions:

  • Advice on how to carry out meta-analytic studies and systematic reviews in any empirical science, on every stage of the process:

1. Formulating the problem

2. Literature search

3. Coding the studies

4. Calculating the effect sizes

5. Statistical analysis and interpretation

6. Drawing up the report

  • Advice on how to interpret the results of meta-analytic studies carried out by other researchers.
  • Availability of bibliography about the methodology of meta-analysis and systematic reviews.
  • Availability of a database of meta-analytic studies published in various scientific disciplines (Psychology, Education, Criminology, Social Work, Medicine, Physical Therapy , Nursing, etc.).
  • Advice on computer programmes for carrying out the statistical analyses typical of meta-analysis.


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