Pilar Aguado Jiménez

Dr Pilar Aguado is interested in the design of materials for EFL teaching; research through linguistic corpora on orality, ideological representation in specialised languages, use of mobile devices for learning English, and professional languages, in particular Business English; teacher training and the use of open teaching resources and apps.

Selected publications

Pérez-Paredes, P., Ordoñana, C., Julie Van de Vyver, Alice Meurice, Pilar Aguado Jiménez, Grainne Conole & Purificacion SánchezHernández. (2019) Mobile data-driven language learning: Affordances and learners’ perception. System, 84, 145-159.

Sánchez-Hernández, P., Pérez-Paredes, P. & Aguado, P. (2018) Featuring immigrants and citizens: Constructing immigrants in the Spanish legislation and Administration informative texts: a corpus-driven study (2007-2011). In Viola, L. & Mussofl, A. (eds.). Migration and Media. Discourses about Identities in Crisis. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 63-90.

Pérez-Paredes, P., Ordoñana, C. & Aguado, P. (2018). Language teachers’ perceptions on the use of OER language processing technologies in MALL. Computer Assisted Language Learning 31,(5-6),522-545.

Pérez Paredes, A. Aguado Jiménez, P. & Sánchez Hernández, P. (2017). Constructing immigrants in UK legislation and Administration informative texts: A corpus-driven study .Discourse and Society. 28 (1), pp. 81 – 103.

Aguado-Jiménez, P., Pérez-Paredes, P. , & Sánchez, P. (2012). Exploring the use of multidimensional analysis of learner language to promote register awareness. System, 40(1), 90-103.