Pascual Pérez-Paredes

Pascual Pérez-Paredes is a Professor in Applied Linguistics and Linguistics, U. Murcia, and former Lecturer in Research in Second Language Education at the University of Cambridge. His main research interests are learner language variation, the use of corpora and digital resources in language education and corpus-assisted discourse analysis. More info here.

Selected publications (2020 & 2021)

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Mark, G. (eds.) (2021). Beyond concordance lines: applications of corpora in language education. John Benjamins

Pérez-Paredes, P. (2020). Corpus Linguistics for Education. A Guide for Research. Routledge.

Pérez-Paredes, P., Mark, G. & O´Keeffe, A. (2020). The impact of usage-based approaches on second language learning and teaching. Cambridge Education Research Reports. Cambridge University Press.

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Mark, G. (2021).What can corpora tell us about language learning? In McCarthy, M. & O´Keeffe, A. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Corpus linguistics, 2nd Edition. Routledge.

Curry, N. & Pérez-Paredes, P. (2021). Stance nouns in COVID-19 related blog posts. A contrastive analysis of blog posts published in The Conversation in Spain and the UK. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics.