Corpus linguistics and applied linguistics research 2022

We can now confirm the lineup for the forthcoming edition of Corpus linguistics and applied linguistics research 2022. As in the previous 2021 edition, we are so lucky to have a fabulous group of scholars that will share their insights into the use of corpus linguistics methods in a range of applied linguistics research areas.

In this 2022 edition, the four talks will be given by:

Dr Gavin Brookes, University of Lancaster

Prof Tony McEnery, University of Lancaster

Prof Javier Pérez Guerra, University of Vigo

Dr Charlotte Taylor, University of Sussex

Further details about dates and titles will be provided shortly.

This online event is organized by the Universidad de Murcia and the research group E020-07 (Lenguajes de especialidad, corpus lingüísticos y lingüística inglesa aplicada a la ingeniería del conocimiento).