The staff

The staff of the Faculty of Computer Science has two types of staff: (1) research and teaching; and (2) support. Each member of the Faculty can be associated to the proper Faculty or to one of our Departments.

Research and teaching

There are approximately 200 people associated to our Departments involved in research and teaching, as shown in the following table.

Department Full time R&T Staff Part-time R&T Staff Staff holding a PhD degree Research staff
Computer Engineering and Technology 25 7 20 6
Informatics and systems 27 2 15 10
Information and Communications Engineering 29 6 28 35
Total 81 15 63 51

Support staff

Most of the support staff is associated to the Faculty except for the Secretary of each Department. The next table summarizes the distribution of the support staff.

Support staff People
Secretary Office 4
Secretary of the Dean 1
Secretary of Deparment 4
Computing Centre 5
Library 1
Concierge 4
Total 19