Research Group Equity and Inclusion in Education


The Research Group, Equity and Inclusion in Education (EIE), is located in the Department of Didactics and School Organization of the Faculty of Education (University of Murcia). The group has been doing in the last decade several studies on Quality in Public Schools, Departments in Secondary Education, School Reform, Teacher Training and Pedagogical advice. In recent years the group has focused its research and publications in students at risk and some of the programs implemented in the Region of Murcia to address and prevent school failure.

Our theoretical and methodological framework is based and integrated by perspectives and contributions of social and educational vulnerability and exclusion. It interprets students at risk and school failure as multiple and constructed realities at the macro, meso and micro levels, determined by the interactive confluence of different structural conditions, relationships and sociopolitical, organizational, curricular and pedagogical dynamics.

The main purposes of our educational research projects are concerned to the description and understanding of the school risk, failure, current programs in the field, critical evaluation of political, practices and results, as well as the possible identification, analysis and the assessment of good practices. It also seeks to propose alternative ideas and practices which could be developed and evaluated critically and reflectively in various social and educational contexts.

According to our theoretical framework we use various methodological options that include structural data analysis related to organizational, curricular and practical aspects, field studies and, with ethnographic lens, case studies that make it possible to explore and understand educational activities and life stories, content, processes and learning outcomes, taking into account the perspectives and interpretations of the subjects involved. Based on understanding and ethical imperatives, we pretend to propose relevant political and practical commitments for the diverse levels and agents in which the everyone´s fundamental right to a good education and school learning are at stake.


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