TACCLE2, the book for Primary Teachers is ready

Since 2011, the Research Group of Educational Technology is involved in TACCLE2 project with members of others countries: Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Wales, and Italy.

The meaning of TACCLE is Teachers’ Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments. As a result of the first project TACCLE, in order to respond the problems of participants on this, we decided to develop a new project. The most part of the participants in the first project needed to find the ideas materialised in specific tasks the ideas developed in TACCLE project, according with different fields of knowledge. For this, the aim in TACCLE 2 project is the developed of different manuals including activities with ICT designed by teachers for teachers. Concretely, the developed of these manuals has been structured around 5 topics. The first one has been oriented for teachers in Primary education. The rest has been oriented for teachers in Secondary school, exactly there are on for STEM (sciences, maths and technology), Humanities, Arts and Core Skills.

For developing the content we did some workshops with teachers that already are using ICT.  The meaning of these seminars was to know the work done by teachers with ICT and include these ideas as a proposal of activities in the manuals and in the Taccle 2 web. The value of the project is in the ideas proposed, from teachers for teachers.

Nowadays, starting the last year of the project, the results of the project are showing up. Although the web of the project is one of the main results of the project and it is working from the beginning, now is when the manuals are starting to be ready.

The first one has been the manual for Primary teachers, including activities with ICT to be developed for K-12 students.

This book deals primarily with the use of web 2.0 tools. This means we are focusing on social software and on using applications that allow learners to create, share and publish content rather than simply being passive consumers. We are assuming that most teachers will already be used to using the web as a resource and will include web-based research activities as part of their normal lessons (web 1.0).

The main part of the book is devoted to practical ideas for using ICT in your classroom – more about this at the beginning of that section. Then there is a more general part we have just called ‘Issues’ where we have tried to cover some of the concerns that teachers and schools may have about e-learning – including security and internet safety, hardware and infrastructure, copyright and so on.

TACCLE_primary book

This book is not really designed to be read from cover to cover – more as something to dip into for some instant ideas. However, as the activities are graded from easiest to hardest, if you are very new to e-learning you could do worse than start at the easiest, try out one or two of the examples until you feel confident, then go back and try the next few.

In a few months the rest of the manuals will be ready, also it were being translated to different languages, including Spanish.

From here, we invite you to read the book and to publish and share your ideas in the Taccle 2 web. The key is in carry on working and sharing ideas, and you? What are you waiting?

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