Visiting KMi

This week, the GITE is vising The Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University in the UK.
From we have meet each other we know that KMi is allways on the boundaries of the development and understanding of Technology Enhanced Learning. We aware they have a more “technological vision” tha us, BUT we really believe that on this complementary vision there are many interesting points hat we have to conserve and understand in order to grow and collaborate (From it smoment, GITE has been involved on the research about Flashmeeting).
Therefore, we have thought it this a good moment for keeping in touch again, and try to interchange impressions about where are we and try also to present on KMi the GITE’s group work. We are convinced we could learn many things from the KMi?s perspective, so we are here for learning.
The GITE’s presentation will be done by Linda Castañeda and will be podcasted alive on tuesday 4th of February at 11:30 British time (12:30 CET).
Thanks for the invitation and it would be a great pleasure to meet you again

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