Educational Technology e-books Collection

This post is to present a new initiative of our Research Group of Educational Technology of the University of Murcia: our collection of e-books specialized in Educational Technology. This collection has begun with a book which its printed version is sold out: “ICT in Hospital Classrooms” (edited in Spanish: Las TIC en las Aulas Hospitalarias), coordinated by Prendes and Serrano. This book is organized into two sections: the first, about pedagogy in hospitals and some interesting projects about this topic; the second part is about ALTER project funded by Fundación Séneca of Murcia. This electronic book has been edited in two formats: iBook version published in iTunes and also in epub format. We want to express our gratitude to Fundación Séneca, teachers of hospital classrooms, students, families and, finally all the researchers from University of Murcia and also University of Santiago de Compostela and Islas Baleares.

Currently our collection has other two e-books that are about the story written by students from Spanish Hospital Classrooms. This books have the awards of “En mi verso soy libre” organized by Hospital Classrooms of Murcia. We have published in epub format the storys of  2014 and 2015. Congratulations to all of them!!

Finally we want to recognize the word developed by Irene Ramírez Tornero, responsible of the digital edition. Thanks to her because a great work.

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