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The Group of Research in Educational Technology (GITE) started to research the digital competence of teachers in 2008. The opportunity for researching in this topic was through the project “Study skills and ICT training demand of teachers of universities Bolivian and Dominican“. The main goal of this project was “to enhance and improve the skills for using ICT of university lecturers Latin American public and institutions therefore for its use as research and teaching tools”. To go into detail about this project, we recommend the following book (in spanish): “Enseñanza superior, profesores y TIC. Estrategias de evaluación, investigación e innovación educativas”.

In 2009, motivated for the good results of the previous project we asked for a new project. The title of the new project (financed in a national competitive call) was “ICT skills for teaching in Spanish public universities: indicators and proposals for the definition of good practices”. The main goal of this project was to improve the evaluation processes of teaching activity and its quality through the exploration of ICT competences. There are some important outcomes in this project:

  • The catalogue of indicators refered to ICT competences for teaching which are considerer desirable to evaluate in the field of Higher Education.
  • The university teachers ICT competence model. In this model there are three levels of expertise which are progressive (to reach level 2 it is imperative to have level 1), and which constitute the ideal of university teacher competence in ICT. These levels of expertise are: 1. Competencies related to base knowledge of the common use of ICT in university work; 2. Competencies related to design, implementation and evaluate activities using ICT; 3. Competencies related to the reflection and critical analysis of the actions and activities carried out using ICT individually and collectively (with other teachers).
  • The questionnaire for exploring the university teachers´ perception  about ICT competencies.
  • Other result was an auto-test opened for everybody interested in knowing and improving its ICT Competence.

Currently, we are starting a new way in the research about ICT competencies. Marta Durán, under the supervision of Mª Paz Prendes and Isabel Gutiérrez, is exploring the certification of ICT competencies for University teachers. Here you can find (in spanish) a previous work in this new research line.

From 2008 until know we have learned a lot things about ICT competences of university teachers. This is an interesting topic nowadays and  we continue exploring, dipping and improving in this field of knowledge.


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