Teachers´Aids on creating content for learning environments

Projecto Manager: Jens Vermeersch

Abstract: TACCLE 2 aims to orienting teachers and lead them into the introduction os ICT into their classrooms by means of practical ideas and hints on their use. Materials for Primary teachers and also for Arts, Sciences, Maths, Technology, Scenic Art and Plastic Art Secondary Teachers has been published. We have all the books, translated into Spanish and other 7 languages Union, available on the web for download and do with them as you deem appropriate (same CC license, same spirit BY-NC-SA):

    • E-learning para profesores de primaria 4.27 MB
    • E-learning para docentes de humanidades 1.28 MB
    • E-learning para profesores de Ciencias, Tecnología Y Matemáticas (STEM) 2.68 MB
    • E-learning para profesores de Artes Escénicas y Creativas 2.48 MB
    • TIC y Competencias Básicas 1.11 MB

It must be said that the ideas that have appeared in these books are the result of work of teachers who have worked with the group and whose experiences can also be found in the activities listed.

Web: http://taccle2.eu/