Isabel Gutierrez

Isabel Gutierrez

Isabel Gutierrez

Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology

Honours degree in Pedagogy at University of Murcia (Spain). First in her class at the University of Murcia and National Award of University. Master in e-learning Educational Technology and Knowledge Management at the University of Islas Baleares. PhD in Educational Technology at the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona).

She’s also researcher in the Group of Research in Educational Technology GITE where has actively collaborated during a great part of my undergraduate studies (since 2004) and she started working with them immediately after her graduation as Fellow researcher. She have collaborated and participated on diverse research national and international projects, related with application of pedagogical principles to the development of the education processes through Internet, on technology enhanced learning, Web 2.0 for education, social media, and the educational and organizational implications of the e-learning in formal and informal educational contexts, digital identity and teacher’s dgital competence.

She spent 2 months at the Technology Enhanced learning Lab (L@TE) of the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona -Spain) researching in social network methodologies; 3 months in The Center for Educational Computing Initiatives at Massachusetts Institute of technology (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) and one month in the Centre for Research in IT in Education at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) and 3 months at NUI Galway.

In all these years, she have presented and published some papers in national and international conferences and journals. Keynote speaker in some seminars about Social Media, Social Networks, youngpeople and safe uses of social network.

She is member of EDUTEC: Association of development of Educational Technology and new technologies applied to education.


Twitter: @Isikagp