Author: Patricia López Vicent

The development of otherness on the Internet

Internet is often considered a decent studio space from an anthropological point of view, it is giving people the platform to highlight the development of a moral that, in the absence of the network, could be very difficult to express.

Learners in a digital world

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La formación ética y actitudinal de las familias ante las TIC

Una de las grandes preocupaciones que manifiestan los padres acerca de la educación de sus hijos se centra en proporcionar la necesaria formación para que éstos lleven a cabo un adecuado uso de las redes telemáticas. En parte, el motivo

Values and use of ICT

  One of the issues most talked about in recent years has been the use we make today ICT. In this regard, there are a lot of studies about the communicative and relational purposes for which the network is used,

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