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Survey on requirements engineering (RE) tools

Capabilities in RE tools

Questionnaire structure.

Participants in the survey

Next table includes the summary of the main information regarding the participants in the study, in which an evaluation of the tools based on the ISO/IEC TR 24766:2009 technical report has been conducted.

ToolVendorPlatformPrice range (single seat)
Acclaro DFSSAxiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.Windows$$$$
Do you need DFSS quality tools for the development of new products or systems? Equip your team with Acclaro to meet the following needs in managing the process of successful design and development: Support a VOC process for requirements capture and analysis. Collaborate at the conceptual design phase, the earliest possible timeframe. Introduce a systematic process for design synthesis (before Document-Build-Test cycles.) Analyze design quality with QFD, TRIZ, FMEA and other DFSS tools BEFORE committing to the cost of CAD cycles. Enable your design team to track the complete traceability from the Customer Needs to Requirements to Design Logic to Final Designs. Visualize and quantify impact assessments when requirements change. Acclaro DFSS software provides groupware solutions for all these needs. Acclaro software is full featured practical, interactive tool with an optional multi-user backend, designed for out of the box productivity.
Aligned ElementsAligned AGWindows$$$$
Aligned Elements is built to compile and manage your DHF (Design History File) documentation by efficiently controlling a large number of individual but related Design Control items. Requirements, Specifications, Tests, Risks, Reviews and Defects are all managed, traced and controlled in an efficient and transparent manner. Aligned Elements empowers you to keep your Design History File complete and consistent during the entire project development process with minimal effort. Aligned Elements has been specifically developed with the particular regulatory requirements of the Medical Device Market in mind.
Avenqo PEPAvenqoWindows$$$
Avenqo Project Engineering Platform is a modern development platform which supports the complete system development process by various integrated functionalities.The approach of Avenqo PEP is different in comparison to other tools by its general concept. A single working and information platform is provided for different development disciplines. This means that each user can have his own specific view onto project information. The core of Avenqo PEP is a Requirements Management tool which provides all functionalities to requirement engineers for the day-to-day business. The usual concepts applied in Requirements Management tools were enlarged and enlarged to other project disciplines. So Avenqo PEP offers additional functionalities. For instance features that are required by test managers and testers (test case management, test execution, test protocols) or project managers (reporting). Hence, Avenqo PEP provides a Knowledge Repository which can be used by all team members and stakeholders which are involved in the project work. Avenqo PEP is well prepared for the future by it's open and modular architecture!
BlueprintBlueprint Software Systems Inc.Windows$$$$
Blueprint Requirements Center lets users collaboratively author, validate, and communicate requirements for software projects. Unlike other requirements products that were originally designed as requirements management tools or requirements definition tools and later extended, Blueprint Requirements Center was designed from the beginning as a single, unified requirements definition and management solution.
Bright Green ProjectsBright GreenWeb-basedn/a; o
We founded Bright Green Projects on principles of Scrum and Lean Kanban, the Japanese techniques of Just-In-Time production. We believe in giving people the freedom that comes with a well-organized, transparent project. Our Agile Project Management tool won't replace human interaction, but it will illuminate your project progress, showing you the Bright Green Light at the end of the tunnel.
Caliber RMMicro FocusWindowsn/a
CaliberRM is a requirements management tool that ensures that applications meet end user needs. Using CaliberRM, analysts, developers, testers and other stakeholders accurately capture and communicate the user's requirements throughout the application lifecycle. CaliberRM provides powerful requirements management facilities for collaboration, impact analysis and communication of requirements, enabling software teams to deliver on key project milestones with greater accuracy and predictability. Industry analysis suggests that at least half of all defects arise from incomplete or incorrect requirements. More than 80% of the effort to fix defects is spent fixing requirement-related defects. CaliberRM reduces this overhead by providing secure centralized storage of all requirements and related artifacts. It helps enforce high quality requirements through rigorous end-to-end traceability, ensuring that all requirements are delivered.
Cameo Requirements+No Magic, Inc.Windows$$$
Cameo Requirements+ is a fourth-generation requirements management tool that links conceptual concepts and imagery to the formal requirements process. The tool closes the gap between the concept and creation stage and implementation stage. This helps business users identify issues early, eliminating costly rework, benefiting project scope, schedule and overall project cost. Don't confuse Cameo Requirements+ with traditional requirements tools. Not only does Cameo Requirements+ capture, store, and manage text, it also allows you to add virtually any digital asset including graphics, audio and video for richer, descriptive and complete requirements descriptions. Cameo Requirements+ is the ideal platform to stimulate team and stakeholder collaboration and communication and close the knowledge gap.
CASE SpecGoda SoftwareWindowsn/a
CASE Spec supports effective software development by tracking requirements throughout the entire software development life cycle and assuring that the system developed meets the client's needs. If you are looking for a tool that will keep users informed and involved, manage documentation, keep software developers focused, and promote productivity, then CASE Spec deserves serious consideration.
Cognition CockpitCognition CorporationWeb-based$$$$
Cognition Cockpit is an intuitive web-based application that empowers your Product Development Process (PDP). Using our core Active Requirements Management technology, Cockpit enables your teams to dynamically manage customer inputs and voices, features and requirements, risks, costs, and critical parameters. Cockpit's next-generation approach uses the best practices from systems engineering and requirements management, together with simple yet powerful collaborative technology to seamlessly weave together all the critical steps in your PDP for instant traceability, analysis, and reporting. Active Requirements Management means dynamically linking all your product requirements together with all associated information, such as team meeting minutes and notes, formal VOC input (surveys, interviews), risks, FMEA, risk mitigations, test protocols, and mathematic analyses. These analyses-or transfer functions-are a key a function of Cockpit, enabling you to create relationships and compute sensitivity between a requirement and its driving parameters. Only Cognition Cockpit delivers this active approach to requirements management.
The acclaimed Cradle-6.4 is a complete Requirements Management and Systems Engineering tool. Cradle is a fully customisable, extensible package that can assist you in maximising control, efficiency, traceability, security, usability and durability of your projects to help you to deliver your projects to a successful outcome to budget and on time. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that from the initial requirements capture and the registration of the very first source document through all your definable stages of the project through analysis, design, testing, implementation, post implementation development and support through to final disposal, Cradle delivers consistently, efficiently and effectively.
G-MARCComputer System Architects Ltd.Windows$$$$
The Generic-Model Approach to Requirements Capture has been acclaimed, by the UK Ministry of Defence, as the best-of-class approach to the handling of requirements. At the time of going to press, G-MARC constitutes the only commercially available, fully developed, Requirements Handling methodology and supporting software. Requirements Handling involves capture, engineering and management activities and, whilst all three are important, requirements engineering is vital. Any project that starts with a well-engineered specification of requirements is inevitably subject to less risk in terms of cost and timescale than one that doesn't. The crucial question therefore is how is it possible to measure the quality of a specification. G-MARC provides its users both with this ability and the ability to make measurable improvements.
inteGREATeDev technologiesWindows$$$$
inteGREAT Requirements Studio is an automated requirements developing platform that enables users to define, analyze, simulate and document requirements automatically for all SDLC Roles. The benefits of these automated activities are tremendous as it helps stakeholders to move rapidly during this critical and time consuming phase. inteGREAT Requirements Studio can be used to develop business, user and system requirements including Goal, Risk, Mitigation, Glossary, Stakeholders, Functional and Non-functional Requirements, Business Rules, Constraints, and Assumptions, Process, Use Case, Data Requirements, Reporting Requirements, Actors, Events and System/Network context of deployment & integration.
IRqAVisure SolutionsWindowsn/a
At Visure we are specialized in Requirements Definition and Management and over the years we have acquired extensive problem-solving experience, always bringing value to organizations. Some of the business-critical problems for which Visure provides solutions are: Ensuring that products and projects satisfy real user needs. Justifying the cost of a certain change in a project. Avoiding project overruns due to constant scope creep. Correctly communicating technology departments with business areas and users. Capturing complete and accurate requirements. Specifying requirements in a manner understandable by technicians. Need for being able to carry out an impact analysis and estimate changes. Communicating requirements throughout the lifecycle. Effectively managing project scope. Reusing requirements in different projects. Being capable of guaranteeing the fulfillment of regulations and standards. Ensuring that a common mature process is used. Having the capacity to generate reports reflecting the current state of requirements. Integrating requirements with tests and models. Effectively managing changes in needs. Integrating distributed supplier or customer repositories.
jUCMNav is a free, Eclipse-based graphical editor and an analysis and transformation tool for the User Requirements Notation (URN). URN is intended for the elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation of requirements. URN combines two complementary views: one for goals provided by the Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL) and one for scenarios provided by the Use Case Map (UCM) notation.
Leap SELeap SystemsWindows$$
Leap SE is a CASE tool that turns system requirements directly into object models for software development. More than a Requirements Management application, Leap SE shortens the systems development lifecycle and accelerates rapid application development (RAD).
MacA&D/WinA&DExcel SoftwareWindows/MacOS$$$$
Requirements provide the foundation that drives the entire development process. MacA&D and WinA&D provide an integrated solution to identify, specify, track and manage requirements.
MKS IntegrityMKS Inc.Windows/UNIX/Linux$$$$
As part of a unified development platform, the requirements management capabilities of MKS Integrity go beyond simple capture to provide a solution that makes the discipline an interactive part of the application lifecycle. Reuse and requirements change management are coupled with real-time metrics and full traceability between customer requests and downstream requirements in a coherent ALM solution, leading to superior quality, full auditability and more rapid time-to-market. Fostering collaboration between business users generating requirements, architects, developers, and testers, MKS Integrity keeps all stakeholders informed of changes to requirements throughout the development process. Easily assess and address the impact of changes before they are implemented (across projects and product lines) to increase business agility, improve software quality and reduce project risk.
PACEViewSet CorporationWeb-based$$$$
Using the latest multi-threaded, cross-platform technologies, this true enterprise solution has been developed by industry veterans - to capture, analyze, develop, trace and manage information throughout the product lifecycle. Now you can meet your goals and deliver to your project expectations, courtesy of the next generation of requirements engineering, information management and process control tools, PACE!
Polarion RequirementsPolarion SoftwareWeb-based$$$
Polarion has created a collaborative, web based Requirements Management solution with guaranteed traceability and forensic level links and accountability. As easy as Microsoft Office to use with none of the limitations and shortcomings. Polarion Requirements supports any type of process or methodology for organizations of any size in any industry.
What can you do? Add, update and delete requirements. Attach any kind of document to a requirement (for example, interaction or class diagrams, use-cases, user stories and spreadsheets). Let stakeholders comment on individual requirements. Capture dependencies between requirements (for example, from a high-level requirement to its derived detailed requirements). Visualize dependencies in a traceability matrix. Analyse the impact of a change request. Track the progress of propagating a change through the dependency hierarchy. Define a custom sign-off process for requirements.
QFDcaptureInternational TechneGroup IncorporatedWindows$$$$
QFDcapture Professional Edition is the indispensable tool for any planning process, from basic to complex. The software has a decision model focus (the Roadmap), rather than a single House of Quality (HoQ) focus. Having a decision model focus means you can set up and interlink a collection of lists, matrices, and documents to construct a decision making model for your project. This decision making model can be high level (a single HoQ) or detailed (many HoQs cascaded from one to another) or something in-between. A QFDcapture model enables you to collect, analyze and manage qualitative data to give you an accurate understanding of your competition space, your customer expectations, the constraints regulation impose and the needs of your business.
Manage your requirements in a complete application lifecycle management tool. Plan, approve, trace and validate requirements. Manage any audit, compliance or regulatory. Integrates with your MS Office environment. Optimize communication and collaboration.
RaQuestSparxSystems JapanWindows$$
RaQuest is a Requirements Management tool for UML Modeling tool Enterprise Architect (EA). Requirements Management may be used for managing the requirements of systems and applications effectively. With RaQuest, you can track changes of requirements and manage requirements with a range of features. RaQuest is the ideal tool for the enhanced development of your software applications.
Rational DOORSIBM RationalWindows/UNIX/Linux$$$$
IBM Rational DOORS software is a leading requirements management application that can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality by enabling you to optimize requirements communication, collaboration and verification-throughout your organization and across your supply chain.
ReqManRequirementOne Inc.Web-based*
ReqMan is a structured solution where all data is kept in one central place that everybody with the required permission can access from wherever they are and where all changes are traceable down to the smallest detail. ReqMan is totally free including hosting. Our customers use ReqMan for: Project Planning and Time Management. Requirement Management. Requirement Gathering. Tender Management / Request for Proposal (RFP). Sourcing and Request for Quotation (RFQ). Supplier Declarations. The ReqMan platform is a generic project management solution that has been tailored to each of these different applications.
Reqtify & Requirement CentralDassault SystemesWindows/UNIX/Linux$$$$
Reqtify offers the most comprehensive list of interfaces on the market, ensuring compliance with your engineering needs. Reqtify data can be captured from any source (file, database) and transferred to any other source, with its semantics. Crossed results can be used to dialog with tools and get new targeted results. Several partnerships with major customers and tool vendors have been initiated to create this unique added value and make Reqtify the most effective solution to link development and verification processes with requirements, wherever they come from. Requirements Management enables organizations to improve their overall global requirements process by capturing the "voice of the customer" and translating that information into new products. Requirements Management Central enables organizations to turn customer requirements into product and design requirements that define new products. The solution provides a central repository that is highly scaleable to share requirements globally. When used with other ENOVIA products that define the functional and logical aspect of a product, ENOVIA Requirements Central enables traceability of customer needs throughout the entire development process and ensures that new products meet market goals.
Rational Requirements ComposerIBM RationalWindows/Linux$$$$
IBM Rational Requirements Composer empowers teams to define, manage, and report on requirements in a lifecycle development project. Many stakeholders in the development process create and use requirements to drive business goals. Better quality requirements, effective management and a good process lead to a reduction in rework, faster time to market, a reduction in costs, and an overall better business outcome.
RTIME Simplifies Requirements Lifecyle Management. RTIME Helps Teams: Improve visibility and communication. Synchronize development with business needs and objectives. Reduce and eliminate costly and frustrating rework. Significantly minimize defects. Reduce time to market. Improve decision making and optimize investments. Deliver better applications faster.
Rational RequisiteProIBM RationalWindows$$$$
IBM Rational RequisitePro is a requirements management tool. Rational RequisitePro helps project teams to manage their requirements, to write good use cases, to improve traceability, to strengthen collaboration, to reduce project rework, and to increase quality.
RMTrakPrometeo TechnologiesWindows$$
RMTrak is a collaborative requirements management software tool designed to provide your organization with an inexpensive, easy-to-use option for managing each project's complex requirements. RMTrak's document-centric approach manages project requirements listed in your company's documentation, including those documents detailing your project's progression. RMTrak allows each of your organization's Team members to work together to understand and update project requirements quickly and easily.
RommanaRommana SoftwareWindows$$$
Fully Integrated Web-Based. Project Team can Access Project Data from any place using Internet Explorer. One Common Repository for all Project Artifacts and Documentation. Full Collaboration Between all Team Members Around the Globe 24/7. Complete Traceability of Requirements to Use Cases, Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Sets, Test Scripts, Issue Reports, and Change Requests. All reports Exported to Microsoft Word. Rommana is the Premier in Application Lifecycle Management which supports the following processes: Requirement Management. Test Management. Project Management. Use Case Management. Issue Management. Change and Release Management.
Scenario PlusScenario PlusWindows*(1)
Scenario Plus, Requirements for your Business. A free set of add-on requirements modelling tools (in DXL, for use in the DOORS environment) is available on request. The tools support critical activities in both Requirements Discovery and Requirements Management.
SpiraTeamInflectra CorporationWeb-based$
Having to choose between purchasing a requirements management, quality assurance software testing, issue tracking or project management system? Tired of having to manually 'glue' together a patchwork of tools and systems from different vendors? Fed up with the software testing life cycle not working as it should? Take control of your project's development and software testing lifecycle with SpiraTeam from Inflectra.
TestTrack RMSeapine SoftwareWindows/MacOS/Linuxn/a
TestTrack RM is a requirements management solution that manages the complete requirement lifecycle, including planning, workflow, traceability, review, change management, and reporting. Requirements mistakes and scope creep can have the most costly effect on software quality and budget. Whether as a standalone tool or part of Seapine's integrated ALM solution, TestTrack RM helps teams keep development projects on track by facilitating collaboration, automating traceability, and satisfying compliance needs.
TopTeam AnalystTechnoSolutions CorpWindows$$$$
TopTeam Analyst is a unique tool that provides a "complete solution" for Requirements gathering and management: State-of-the-art Use Case Authoring and Modeling. Rich Requirements Capture and Management. Powerful repository for all Requirements artifacts such as Screen Prototypes, Documents, etc. Advanced Traceability creation and visualization. Integrated Issue Tracking and Change Proposal system. Multi-user repository with a full suite of Collaboration Tools.
Agile, Scrum. Get the best of both worlds. TraceCloud solves traditional Requirements Management needs like Change Control, Traceability and Change Propagation, with the benefits of Agile Scrum flow. Visibility. Get visibility in to Missed, Dangling and Orphan Requirements. Find problems, before they find you. Dashboards at Project, Release, Owner, Folder and Baseline level. Shared Requirements. Identify, Collaborate, Package and Publish best practices and common Requirements. Let teams discover, filter , import and implement these Requirements. Ideal for driving common requirements across multiple initiatives.
TrackStudioTrackStudioWindows/MacOS/UNIX/Linux$; o
TrackStudio is an ultra-configurable issue tracking system, workflow engine and document management system that can be used to track the progress of any kind of task such as issue resolution, requirements gathering, desktop support handling, project monitoring, hardware deployment and staff hiring.
VisibleThread On-premise/On-demandVisibleThreadWeb-based$$$$
VisibleThread automatically scans document content for defects and gaps. It gathers metrics for any type of document or spreadsheet, from IT BRDs (Business Requirements Definitions) to Bid Proposals. For Bid Managers, Program Managers, PMOs (Project Management Office) and Business Analyst teams, VisibleThread makes reviewing docs 45% more efficient and dramatically raises the quality of documents. The result; lowered risk of failed projects or bid proposals, better project oversight and more efficient teams.

Symbol meaning ("Price range" column): >$1,000 = $$$$, $501-$1,000 = $$$, $100-$500 = $$, <$100 = $, n/a = not available, free = *, free version available with limitations = o.

(1) Requires Rational DOORS.

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