Industrial Projects

Development of confidential research projects in collaboration with industries, about enzyme applications,  enzyme technology and enzyme kinetics, as well as on production, chemical analysis and biochemical activity of biomolecules.

GENZ Instrumentation Novozymes

Enzyme Applications

Applied studies related with specific enzymes with complex reaction mechanisms and industrial biotechnological applications.

Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals

Biomolecules from aromatic and medicinal herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae and other organisms. Development of extraction and purification processes of aromatic and antioxidant biomolecules. Stabilization, encapsulation and controled release of biomolecules. Determination of molecular bioactivity assays, such as antioxidant and enzymatic activities. Evaluation of cellular bioactivity on cell and tissue cultures. Application to products of pharmacological, cosmetic and food companies.


Oxidoreductases, proteases, lipases, glycosidases and other enzymes with biotechnological interest. Development of enzymatic applications for Healthcare (Pharma and Cosmetic, Red Biotechnology), Food (Green Biotechnology), Industry (Chemical, White Biotechnology), Environment/Quality management (Grey Biotechnology).


Peroxidases (EC Plant peroxidase purification and production, overexpression in plants as biofactories, genetic expression.


Dihydrofolate reductase. Cancer. Enzyme inhibition. Cell cultures. Genetic expression. Tea. Natural and synthetic catechins.

Enzyme Technology

Consulting. Confidential research and projects on the production and operation of enzymes for the development of practical applications related with business.


Extraction. Distillation, solvent extraction and enzymatic extraction of aromatic and antioxidant biomolecules. Identification and determination of biomolecules: Enantioselective (chiral) gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry (EsGC-MS) and ultrafast high performance liquid chromatography (EsUHPLC). Stabilization, encapsulation and controled release of biomolecules. Laboratory to pilot scale-up.

Purification. Chromatographic purification of biomolecules: Controled inert vacuum evaporation, Reverse phase preparative high performance liquid chromatography (PHPLC), Chromatographic purification of enzymes: AC, GFC, HIC, IEXC, RPC. Laboratory to pilot scale-up.


Bioactivity. Determination of the antioxidant and enzymatic activities, as well as cellular activity on cell and tissue cultures.

Biocatalysis. Optimization of the conversion in homogeneous and heterogeneous enzyme biocatalysis processes.

Stabilization. Control of the enzyme stabilization in processes with wanted/unwanted enzyme catalysis.

Bioprocesses. Taylor-made development of enzyme bioprocesses on analysis, degradation and synthesis of molecules.

Enzyme Kinetics

Kinetic studies about the catalytic activity of enzymes on substrates, modulators and other reagents. A reaction mechanism useful to describe the kinetic behaviour of the enzyme system is proposed. Then, the quantitative characterisation of a target enzyme system by the determination of the values of its respective kinetic constants is carried out. Thus, the quantitative description and prediction of the operation of the enzyme system, under different assay conditions, is obtained. The results are broadly applicable to any enzyme that operates through a particular kinetic reaction mechanism.

Enzyme Biocatalysis

Enzyme reactions: Kinetic behaviour of monosubstrate and multisubstrate enzymes.

Metabolic pathways: Cascades. Coupling enzymes. Substrate cycles. Zymogen activation.

Biochemical systems: Oscillations. Chaos. Multirythmicity. Hysteresis.

Enzyme Stabilization

Activators/Inhibitors: Weak, tight. Slow, fast. Competitive, uncompetitive, noncompetitive, mixed. Linear, hyperbolic.

Inactivators: Enzyme deactivation. Suicide substrates. Irreversible inhibition.


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