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Use Of Medit

See basis functions using medit.

P0edge view with meditP0edge view with plotP2 view with meditP2 view with plot

Using on Th2 Finite elementes P0edge and P2

download example: FE-medit.edp or return to 2D examples

int n=20,nn=n+10;
real[int] xx(nn),yy(nn);
// build square $]-1,1[^2$
mesh Th2=square(2,2,[2*x-1,2*y-1]); 
mesh Th=square(100,100,[2*x-1,2*y-1]); 
fespace Wh(Th2,P0edge);
Wh w=0;

fespace Vh(Th,P1);

Vh u=w;

   savemesh(Th,"mm",[x,y,u*.5]); //  save mm.points and mm.faces file for medit
   // build a file 
	{ ofstream file(""); 
	file << "2 1 1 "<< u[].n << " 2 \n";
	int j;
	for (j=0;j<u[].n ; j++)  
	  file << u[][j] << endl; 
    // call ffmedit command 	
    exec("ffmedit mm");
    // clean files
    exec("rm mm.faces mm.points");

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