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Third Free Fem Days

List of talks:

  1. Training session for advanced users by F. Hecht and O. Pironneau. All examples in zip file
  2. Scientific high performance computing: present and future by O. Pironneau pdf file
  3. FreeFem++ solver: status and future (with the help of A. Le Hyaric) by F. Hecht pdf file
  4. Gmsh, a generic mesh generator by J. F. Remacle pdf file
  5. Incompressible fluide-structure interactions with FreeFem++ by M. A. Fernández pdf file Δ
  6. Contacts and self-contacts for deformable bodies by O. Pantz pdf file
  7. An introduction to FreeFem++ by O. Pantz pdf file
  8. Buildings Flows with FreeFem++ by E. C. Vera and A. Rincon Casado pdf file
  9. Sobolev gradients and quantized vortices with FreeFem++ by I. Danaila, F. Hecht and P. Kazemi pdf file
  10. Nematic colloids for photonic systems with FreeFem++ by I. Bajc pdf file
  11. Advanced features of FreeFem++ by F. Hecht pdf file
  12. Solving free boundary problems with FreeFem++ by B. Maury pdf file
  13. Using Freefem to follow branches of solutions of nonlinear elliptic problems and decide about symmetry regions by M.J. Esteban pdf file
  14. A distributed lagrange multiplier based / fictitious domain : model of acoustic wave in granular media in a fluids by D. Imbert pdf file
  15. Solving Boussinesq 2d system with FreeFem++, Application to tsunami in the Mediterannee sea. by G. Sadaka mov file
  16. Resolution of PDE using domain decomposition methods on TeraFLOPic architectures by P. Jolivet pdf file
  17. Shape and Topology Optimization of Composite Materials with the level-set method by G. Delgado pdf file
  18. STW Devices with Buried Electrodes Based on a mixed FEM/BEM Numerical Model by P. Ventura pdf file
  19. (EDF) Geometrical optimization of a nuclear reactor using FreeFem++ by E. Dombre pdf file
  20. Vortex models for studying the injection in automotive engines by Y. Zhang pdf file
  21. Orange problem: Using PCM in order to reduce temperature inside telecommunication outdoor cabinet by Stéphane Le Masson pdf file

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