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Second Free Fem Days

List of talks:

  1. All examples of the working sessions [zip]
  2. An Introduction to FreeFem++ by O. Pantz [pdf]
  3. An example work with FreeFem++ by O. Pantz [pdf]
  4. What is a Metric of mesh adaption in FreeFem++ by F. Hecht [pdf]
  5. FreeFem++, a tool to solve PDEs numerically by F. Hecht [pdf]
  6. Advanced working class by F. Hecht [pdf]
  7. Examples in Domain Decomposition by F. Nataf [pdf]
  8. FreeFEm++ and quantized vortices in fast-rotating Bose-Einstein condensates by I. Danaila [pdf]
  9. Parallel solver in Freefem++ by J. Morice [pdf]
  10. 3D metrics tools: mshmet and 3D meshing tools: mmg3d and freeyams by J. Morice [pdf]
  11. mmg3d by ? [pdf]
  12. Hybrid parallelism for problems of hemodynamics by K. Gostaf [pdf]
  13. Periodic Surface Acoustic Waves Transducer Analysis using FreeFEM++ by P. Ventura and F. Hecht [pdf]
  14. Boussinesq system with FreeFem++ by G. Sadaka [mov]

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