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This is a Wiki page dedicated to the FreeFem++ software package developed by Frédéric Hecht. It gathers documentation and coding examples. MathJax is integrated so LaTeX can be used for the mathematics: for relevant examples, see the WikiSandbox.

To cite the FreeFem++ software package, please use this following reference:

New Developments in Freefem++, F. Hecht, Journal of Numerical Mathematics, 20 (3-4), pp. 251–265 (2012) doi 10.1515/jnum-2012-0013 [pdf]

  1. One-dimensional examples: Examples1D
  2. Arrays and Matrices: MatricesArrays
  3. Two-dimensional examples: Examples2D
  4. Triangulation from an image with one closed curve: Image
  5. Triangulation from image with several closed curves: MultiImage
  6. Chesapeake Bay: Chesapeake
  7. Computation of the p-Laplace: pLap
  8. Three-dimensional examples: Examples3D
  9. Quick questions with quick answers: Quick-and-dirty tips
  10. Nonlinear steady Navier-Stokes using Newton method and continuation in Reynolds number: Newton1 and Newton2
  11. Steady 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes with Temperature, Boussinesq approximation, in the cube: Newton3D
  12. Beautiful examples with Freefem++ at the site of Georges Sadaka
  13. A Reduced Basis example: ReducedBasis
  14. A POD example for Navier-Stokes: POD
  15. EJS interactive simulations with FreeFem++:
    1. Bringing PDEs to life for students, European Journal of Physics, 36 (2015) [pdf] Simulations in the paper:
    2. Simulation of Partial Differential Equations Models in Java, submitted to Engineering Computations, (2016) [pdf] Δ Simulations in the paper:
    3. Workshop on Numerical Approximations of PDEs, Honoring 60th birthday of Fréderic Hecht, Málaga, 2015 [pdf]
  16. Simulation de flux d'air dans une salle informatique avec Freefem++ par Bernard Barrois/ Site of the project hosted by R.David
  17. documentation, talks and FreeFem++ workshops
  18. Examples in the software distribution: Freefem++ examples
  19. Finite volumes with Freefem++ thanks to Georges Sadaka: finitevolumes
  20. Some turbulence models with Freefem++ (thanks to Ryan Gregory Hills): pdf file
  21. Paraview and FreeFem++ making movies: PV
  22. Cavity test with mpi (thanks to Giuseppe Pitton): Cavity
  23. New: 3D mesh generation in Architectural Design. Advantages of the FreeFem++ open source program for performing simulations in architectural environments (thanks to E. Fernández-Nieto) [pdf file].
  24. A list of FreeFem++ users
  1. Elasticidad 3D con geometría hecha en GMSH: elasticidad3D
  2. Electromagnetismo: emg
  3. Ejemplos orientados a un curso de EDPs Curso

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