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Fourth Free Fem Days

List of talks:

  1. FreeFem++ solver: status and future by F. Hecht pdf file
  2. HPC tools for FreeFem++ by P. Jolivet pdf file
  3. Domain decomposition techniques for discontinuous interfacial conditions by G. D. McBain pdf file
  4. Tsunamis wave modeling using a Finite Volume Method and a Finite Element Method in FreeFem++ by G. Sadaka pdf file
  5. A non-intrusive reduced basis method for heat transfer problem by Rachida Chakir pdf file
  6. 3D simulations : items to keep in mind by K. P. Gostaf pdf file
  7. Creation of interactive simulations with EJS and FreeFem++ by M.José Cano pdf file?
  8. Simulation of water and nutrient uptake by plant roots. by Pierre-Henri Tournier pdf file
  9. On FreeFem++-cs. by A. Le Hyaric link
  10. Shape Optimization with a level-set based mesh deformation method. by C. Dapogny pdf file
  11. Reduced modelling and parameter optimisation with POD: Application in Groundwater Flow by John Wise pdf file

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