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First Free Fem Days

List of talks:

  1. Introduction to freefem++ by O. Pironneau pdf file
  2. FreeFem++, New Finite Elements, New Graphics, ... by F. Hecht pdf file
  3. 3D Mesh tools by J. Morice and F. Hecht pdf file
  4. Toward robust hybrid parallel sparse solvers for large scale applications by Luc Giraud pdf file
  5. High Performance Methods to solve large 3D Electromagnetic Problems by David Goudin pdf file
  6. HIPS: a parallel hybrid direct/iterative solver based on a Schur complement approach by P. Henon pdf file
  7. Parallelism in FreeFem++ by Guy Atenekeng pdf file
  8. Flow induced oscillation of a cylinder between two walls by B. Semin pdf file
  9. Quelques fonctionnalites de Freefem++ pour la creation de maillages 3D Application au filet de peche by C. Ody pdf file
  10. Equivalent electrostatic capacitance Computation using FreeFEM++ by P. Ventura and F. Hecht pdf file
  11. Level Set Methods for Optimal Design of Two-Phase Composite Materials for Wave Propagation by A. Kelly and G. Allaire pdf file
  12. A monolithic semi-implicit algorithm for fluid-structure interaction problem at small structural displacements by C. Murea pdf file. See also mpg file and mpg file
  13. The MUMPS library by J.-Y. L' Excellent pdf file
  14. On Optimal Control of a Free Surface Flow by S. Repke pdf file
  15. Finite element analysis of the proximal femur by D. A. Eftaxiopoulos pdf file
  16. Study of Boussinesq_2D equations by G. Sadaka zip file

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