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Examples 2 D
  1. Plotting parametric curves
  2. Variational formulation in polar coordinates polar
  3. Generating non uniform mesh on the boundary example
  4. Stokes problem with matrices and other techniques; testing cpu time
  5. Stokes problem enriched to avoid the mean cero restriction on the pressure
  6. Stokes problem with Brezzi-Pitkaranta stabilization technique
  7. Examples proposed by G. Sadaka
    1. Poisson Problem
    2. Heat equation
    3. Wave equation
    4. Nonlinear elliptic equation
    5. Nonlinear Schrodinger equation: Schrodinger
  8. Periodic Boundary Conditions
  9. Curved Periodic Boundary Conditions Curved
  10. Bingham fluids with FreeFem++ Bingham [proposed by A. Roustaei]
  11. BDF(k) (k=1,2,3) applied to the Heat Equation BDF1, BDF2, BDF3
  12. Crank-Nicolson applied to the Heat Equation CN
  13. Mesh adaptation to capture a very sharp function
  14. Poisson problem with P1nc finite elements
  15. Poisson problem on a twisted mesh
  16. Use of Raviart-Thomas finite elements RT
  17. Use of array of finite element functions arrayfem
  18. Computing the bilaplacian
  19. Testing Poisson problem on the L-shape domain with mesh adaptation Lshape
  20. Use of medit to get info from basis functions
  21. How to construct a user defined function
  22. Solving Laplacian with matrices and vectors lapmat
  23. Use of parareal
  24. Richard problem
  25. Simulation of wafer heating by a laser

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