XXXVIII Biennial of Physics of the Spanish Royal Physics Society (R.S.E.F.) (Murcia, 11-15 July 2022)
bienal fisica 2022

XXXVIII Biennial of Physics of the Spanish Royal Physics Society (R.S.E.F.)

Murcia, 11-15 July 2022

The Iberian Meeting on Physics Education and Dissemination is the congress organised by the Division of Physics Education and Dissemination (DEDF). It has its origin in 1991 coinciding with the Biennial of Physics of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (odd years) and has its replica in Portugal in parallel with the Biennial of Physics of the Portuguese Society of Physics, SPF, PF, (even years).

The relatively young DEDF, created in 2018 by merger of the Physics Specialised Group (GEEF) and the Physics Communication and Dissemination Specialised Group (GEDF) manages the organisation of the Iberian Meeting.

The activities carried out are a reference for DEDF members interested in issues related to research and innovation in physics teaching, as well as those related to the dissemination of physics, of interest to secondary school and university levels.

Traditionally, the Iberian Meeting has always been open to any member of the RSEF interested in these topics to participate and to present, if necessary, the appropriate communications. Finally, the Iberian Meeting, given its face-to-face nature and the fact that it has been held every two years for many years, is a reference activity for all physics teachers.

The fact that it is a congress held with the participation of the RSEF and the SPF gives it an added value that contributes to fostering contacts between physics teachers from both countries at both secondary and university level. For more than thirty years, the Meetings have promoted an important exchange of opinions and realities regarding the teaching and dissemination of Physics, within the framework determined by the two Iberian communities, both of which belong to the European Physical Society.

Organizing committee:

  • José María Pastor Benavides. Presidente de la DEDF
  • Carmen Carreras Béjar. Vicepresidenta de la DEDF
  • Mónica Baptista. Instituto de Educação. Universidade de Lisboa

  • Carlos Azevedo. Colegio Luso-Francés

Scientific committee:

  • Rafael García Molina Universidad de Murcia
  • Manuel Alonso Sánchez IES Leonardo da Vinci. Alicante
  • Teresa Seixas. Dpto de Física e Astronomía da Faculdade de Ciências. U. do Porto.

  • Marilia Peres. Divisao de Educaçao da SPF. Escola Secundaria José Saramago, Mafra

Institutional sponsors

Venue: Aulario de la Merced, c/ Santo Cristo, 1. Murcia
2022 | XXXVIII Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física