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MPTL'14 Publications


  • Audio and Video recordings of the most important activities of MPTL 14 on the web
At the media page of the MPTL14 website there is a section dedicated to audio and video recording of the most important activities held during MPTL 14. Interested people can find video files and power point drawn from General Talks, Workshops, Interactive Poster and Oral Presentations.
  • Electronic proceedings of MPTL 14
At the proceedings page of the MPTL14 website you will find the full texts of the General Talks, Workshops and also the web proceedings, containing the papers selected by a large number of experts with a peer review procedure.
  • The book "'Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning- Selected papers from the Udine 14th MPTL Workshop 2009'''. Edited by : Robert Lambourne, Leopold Mathelitsch and Marisa Michelini, published by Societa Italiana di Fisica, Bologna 2010 in "Il Nuovo Cimento", Vol.33, Maggio - Giugno 2010.

'''People interested in receiving the CD_ROM containing the web proceedings or the book, are kindly requested to contact the CIRD of the University of Udine (, tel. 0432558211, fax. 0432558230)'''

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