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MPTL 1 Report

(Europhysics News Vol. 28, Nr. 1 (1997) p. 24)

The use of PC in university teaching / lectures, seminar, problem solving, stud. lab. is nowadays well accepted and organized all over Europe: convincing software packages, phys. text books in conjunction with diskette and PC equipment for teaching environment. Recent development and availability of MM - such as internet and web sites, information highway, CD-ROM teleteaching via net - in combination with the declared wish of politcians (Taskforce Educational and Bildungsministerium, software and MM - ....Commission 1995/96) put it necessary that the phys. commity considers carefully if MM is a tool to teach & learn physics as a consequent development PC - MM. Therefore physicists interested in education formed a gruop on european level and organized the first workshop 1996 in Munich (for further details such as participants and their full addresses) program of 2 days workshop, MM material, see homepage of workshop address below). Within a status report we collected and evaluate already existing MM software and exchanged ideas and experiences. In subgroups the participants started activities in the following directions: 1. develeop further MM material 2.teaching through internet for in service physic teachers off campus phys. students, 3. pedagogic aspects like testing, quality standards, evaluation, selflearning technics 4. studio class approach , i.e. instead of big lectures i.e. listening and watching smallgroups talking about and doing. 5. application of MM to target groups.

Besides this MM workshop on european scale (aims live research oriented, future activities) we established also national workshops parallel (aims are to convert research products) to broader application, to consider national differences in socioculturel environment.

2nd European workshop Pavia, Italy, (1997) by L. Borghi

2nd Arbeitskreis MM TU Berlin, Germany, (march 1997) by R. Rass


Prof. Dr. H. J. Jodl

Fachbereich Physik Universit├Ąt Kaiserslautern 67663 Kaiserslautern Germany

FAX (49)-631-205-3677

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