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Interactivity in 3D has several possibilities.

Interaction with the panel

Dragging the cursor on an empty area of the 3D will rotate the scene left-right and up-down, following your mouse motion.

If you hold down the Shift (Uppercase) key while dragging, will have the effect of bringing the scene closer or farther the projection screen. This has teh apparent effect of zooming in or out the view.

If you hold the Ctrl key instead, you will be moving the focus point (the point where you are looking at). The effect is that the scene will pan.

Interaction with an element

Clicking on an active element (an element is active only if it is interactive and its Draggable and/or Resizable property have been set to true) and dragging the mouse will move or resize the element.

A mouse motion in the vertical direction usually affects the Z coordinate of the element. While a horizontal motion may affect the X or the Y coordinates depending on the current position of the scene and which axes looks longer to your eye. A few tests with a simple example will help you understand what this means.

However, it is possible to force the element to move or resize only in a given coordinate. For this, hold down the 'x', 'y', or 'z' keys of your keyboard while you drag the mouse. The element will then only move in the coordinate whose key you are holding.

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