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A panel is a basic container element which can host other elements.


  • By default, a panel places all children side by side and centered on the screen (as text in a center-aligned paragraph). This setting can be changed using the CSS properties of the panel and/or its children.
  • The single exception to this rule are panel. A child panel added to a parent panel will be displayed in a new line.


NameDescriptionValues acceptedDefault
BorderColorThe color for the border.Use the editor provided or input a String with any valid CSS color. 
BorderStyleThe style for the border to display.A string constant or variable with any valid border style.No border
BorderWidthThe width of the border.An integer gives the same width for all sides. A string can provide up to four values, one per side, as in "thin medium thic 10px". 
BoxShadowThe shadow to attach to the element.A string constant or variable with any valid shadow.No shadow

The element also inherits properties from its parent.

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Page last modified on May 27, 2013, at 11:35 AM