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Here are some demo programs created with EJS, just to give you a flavor of the type of simulations you can create with it.





  • Arenstorf orbits?: Arenstorf orbits are closed trajectories of the restricted three-body problem. JAR. XML.
  • Lorenz attractor?: The three-dimensional Lorenz attractor shows the sensibility of simple non-linear ordinary differential equations to initial conditions. JAR. XML.
  • Planet choreographies?: Curious planar trajectories of n-bodies under mutual gravitational attraction. JAR. XML.
  • Vibrating string?: We solve the one dimensional wave equation using an explicit difference method to display a vibrating string. JAR. XML.
  • Poisson equation?: We solve Poisson partial differential equation in the plane, using the relaxation method, to display an electrostatic field. JAR. XML.
  • Heat equation?: We solve the one dimensional Heat partial differential equation, using the method of lines, to display the flow of heat in a thing metal bar. JAR. XML.

Examples with the new 3D visualization (To be released late 2009.)

More examples:

  • Links to examples created by other people
  • The EJS distribution includes a lot of additional examples.
  • If an Internet connection is available, from the EJS' interface you can connect to on-line digital libraries with dozens (if not hundreds) of examples.
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