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Container which shows only a child element each time. Children are arranged with tabbed dividers.


NameDescriptionValues acceptedDefault
Tabs PositionThe position of the tabs.Use the editor provided to choose one placement for the tabs. 
Tab TitlesThe tab titles to display at the top.A String constant, a String[] constant or variable. 
VisibleThe visibility of the element.A boolean variable or one of the constants true or false. 
Size The double[] array with the size of the panel in each direction.Type the two size values or use the editor provided. 
Graphical Aspect
NameDescriptionValues acceptedDefault
BackgroundThe background color for the element.Use the editor provided or read about colors. 
ForegroundThe color to use when drawing or writing in the element.Use the editor provided or read about colors. 
FontThe font used to display text in the element.Use the editor provided to select name, style and size of the font. 
TooltipText displayed when the mouse is over the element.A string constant or variable. 
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