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These elements can host other graphic elements inside. When this happens, we call the container element the parent, and the element contained the child. In the current version of EJS the next types are available:

  • Frame. The main feature of this element is the capacity for interact with your operating system. You can minimize and restore it in the usual form. Furthermore each simulation view has to host a first element of this type where you can add the other view elements. This frame is called the main frame.
  • Dialog. Dialogs are independent frames too but the main difference with respect to the previous case is that is not possible to minimize it (although it can hide). Dialogs keep visible above the previous frame in the elements tree. It may be useful in a multiframe simulations.
  • Panel. Panels are the most basic container elements. They are useful to group other elements.
  • Split panel. A easy container split in two separated areas.
  • Tabbed panel. Container which shows only a child element each time. Children are arranged with tabbed dividers.
  • Tool bar. A tool bar you can take out of the frame simply dragging it.
  • Drawing panel. Basic container for 2D drawing.
  • Plotting panel. Similar to the previous element but it incorporates coordinate axis.
  • 3D Panel. A 3D drawing panel.
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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM