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A static style for a particle (i.e. a style that will not change during the execution of the simulation) is specified using one of the predefined Ejs constants:

  • NONE. A single dot is drawn. (Equivalent integer: 0)
  • ELLIPSE. (Equivalent integer: 1)
  • RECTANGLE. (Equivalent integer: 2)
  • ROUND_RECTANGLE. (Equivalent integer: 3)
  • WHEEL. An ellipse with its coordinate axes. (Equivalent integer: 4)

To specify a style that changes in run-time, you'll need to declare a variable of type int, associate it to the corresponding element property, and then change the variable according to your program's logic. The integer values equivalent to each style are specified in the list above.

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Page last modified on April 29, 2009, at 12:11 AM