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Note: Since EJS release 4.3.4 on, the source code distribution has changed slightly (to make the ZIP file smaller).

Download the ZIP file of the release of your choice and uncompress it to create a complete Eclipse workspace, in form of a directory, e.g. EJS_4.3.7_workspace, with the Java code. Then, run Eclipse and switch to the new workspace.

Current release

Previous releases

Other downloads

Additionally, you may want to download the following ZIP files that must be uncompressed in the same directory where your Eclipse workspace directory is (but not inside it). These two ZIP files allow you to recreate a complete distribution of EJS. (But this is seldom needed, except by the author.)

  • A copy of the documentation on this Wiki. This creates a directory called EJS_doc in your disk.
  • A copy of the sample XML files. (This creates a directory called EJS_examples in your disk.)
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