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At minimum, you need to download the EJS bundle. If your system does not have Java installed, you will also have to download the installation package for the Java Runtime Environment.

There have been important changes in versions 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2, including new features that will make your simulation experience even better. Previous users of EJS are advised to read the release notes and older versions page?. The package includes examples in a sample workspace directory. To obtain more examples, go to the Demos/Examples page.

Some users need the connection EJS with Matlab/Simulink (only available for Windows operating systems). This feature is not currently supported in version 4.0 and later. If you really need this feature, then download EJS release 3.47 (built on March 1st, 2008) and read how to use EJS and Matlab/Simulink. But only in you really need this feature! EJS 4.1 is far superior and is the only version currently supported.

The distribution file is a Windows compressed zip file, so you will need a tool to uncompress it. Most modern operating systems include one such tool. If not, here are our suggestions:

  • For Windows, use any of the zipping/unzipping tools. Such as 7-zip, available at, or the classical Winzip tool, available at
  • For Linux/Unix, there are several tools, such as unzip and gunzip. These usually come with the distribution.
  • For MacOS, use MacZip or StuffItExpander, available in several places.
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