null Summer school in Leuven (Belgium): The EU Inside Out

Summer time is approaching fast. But before summer is here, in Europe we are electing a new European parliament while the economic crisis is lingering on. Youth unemployment figures from EU member states like Spain, Greece and Portugal are staggering. At the same time in Europe we are reflecting on the First World War that erupted a century ago as well as on the first decade since the EU enlargement brought in the new member states from the former communist bloc. Moreover, at this very moment we are being confronted in the eastern European neighborhood with a serious crisis: the conflict in Ukraine is posing a big challenge for the EU's foreign policy.

In other words, these are times in which a comprehensive understanding of the European Union is more needed than ever. Therefore, we would like to remind you about the second edition of the summer school "The European Union Inside Out" that we are organizing in Leuven from June 29 until July 11, 2014. Registration is possible until May 15. Students from partner universities pay only 750 Euro for the 2-week residential course offering -in addition to the strong core programme and cultural activities- four modules (law, economics, politics, and sociology) with timely analyses of the multitude of issues the European Union is dealing with.  

For more information as well as to register, please go to: