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Orientación y Empleo


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Faculty Student Guidance Plan (SGP)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Murcia, based on its internal strategy, establishes a Student Guidance Plan (SGP), which consists of providing students with information about their studies, training support, and guidance for decisions related to their training and employment in the most personalized manner possible. The SGP is carried out in an organized fashion, highlighting the following activities: WELCOME ACTIVITIES, which are designed for newly-admitted students; a voluntary TUTORING PLAN (TP) for those students who show interest in being mentored by a professor; STUDENT GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING TALKS, in collaboration with University Services such as the COIE and the ADYVI; and a CAREER COUNSELLING program, which is explained in a detailed manner in several places on this web page. The goal of the SGP is to progressively prepare students for the job market. Potential professional activities are also explained on this web page.